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A Small Mindfulness Trick That Can Attract More Money

It's Not a secret that our minds are HELLLAAA powerful.What we think is what we attract.. PERIOD.So why not use that to your advantage?This is one of my favorite little tricks to keep abundance flowing to me constantly and it's as easy as painting your nails...This trick uses the power of color magic (the use of color correspondence to a certain goal or outcome) and the use of Herb magic (the use…

Selenite is the Key to Unlocking All of Your Personal Power

Selenite is the key to unlocking the doorway between your everyday monotony and the spiritual world, in addition to fully opening all of your chakras, allowing you to feel aligned and immersed deep in your personal power.The Breakdown:Spiritually: Selenite‚Äôs energy clears blockages and debris, allowing for a better flow of energy to your higher chakras, thus allowing connection and communication t…