A Small Mindfulness Trick That Can Attract More Money

It's Not a secret that our minds are HELLLAAA powerful.

What we think is what we attract.. PERIOD.

So why not use that to your advantage?

This is one of my favorite little tricks to keep abundance flowing to me constantly and it's as easy as painting your nails...

This trick uses the power of color magic (the use of color correspondence to a certain goal or outcome) and the use of Herb magic (the use of herbs that corresponds to a certain goal or outcome) and pure intention (setting your mind to a certain outcome.)

By using GREEN nail polish because the color green corresponds with money, abundance and riches-everytime you look at your hands you are thinking of money, calling it to you, claiming it. By adding a pinch of cinnamon to the nail polish you are DOUBLING that intention. Calling in the money and abundance x2 making your intention that much stronger. Some might call this a spell, because you are mixing ingredients to make somewhat of a money potion..if that lights your soul on fire and gets you excited about calling in money- RUN WITH IT. Because by attaching a positive emotion to this mindful act you have now multiplied its powers by 3! You are a manifesting QUEEN by this point.

This simple trick calls your attention through out the day..

when you see your hands on the string wheel as you drive to work..

when you see your hands unlocking a door..

when you see your hands typing an email at work or scrolling on social media..

your attention is called back to the end goal.. ATTRACTING MORE MONEY.

Try it! Let me know how it works for you!


1.) Choose a green nail polish that you will only use MINDFULLY. This means you are just going to use this nail polish when you are wanting to set the intention to call in more abundance.

2.) add a pinch of cinnamon- picture the cinnamon as little coins falling into your bank account.

3.) put the lid back on and shake it! Picture the money mixing into all aspects of your life, coming from all directions into this bottle.

4.) paint your nails, while envisioning having what you want.

5.) every time you see the green paint feel what it would feel like to have all the money you desire.


Liz The Local Lotus