Self Care Crystal Bath Set

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Taking a bath isn't always about luxury bath salts and bubble bath. With crystals your bath becomes more about healing and balancing your body. Each crystal balances a certain chakra, allowing for a full body chakra balancing. Rose quartz, the crystal of love, fills your bath with self love vibrations and aims at healing the heart chakra. Carnelian balances your sacral chakra and sparks creative and sexual energy, all while healing you aura and connecting you to your emotions. Tigers Eye is very grounding, connecting you to the earth and your root chakra. Tigers eye also balances your solar plexus and and sacral chakra. Citrine is amazing for manifesting and abundance, it is a powerful cleanser of negative energy and really aids the body in reenergizing and recharging. Serpentine helps bring hormones into balance and aids in clearing out old, stagnant energy. Serpentine works directly with your heart chakra to clear out what no longer serves you, leaving room for things that do! Amethyst is a powerful protection stone, naturally clears your energetic field clearing any blocks you might have and is associated with all chakras. Amethyst is often known as the all healing stone. Last, but definitely not least is white crystal quartz, a powerful amplifying stone. This stone will boost the vibrations of all the stones in your bath. In addition to all the beautiful crystal energy you get with this set you also get sage, to clear the energy around your tub and palo santo to raise your vibrations naturally. Also included with this set is a pink intention candle, infused loving vibes to help you set the mood for your self love bath. 


*these crystals are water safe, please always do your research before adding crystals to water as some could be toxic.

Please Note: I am not a doctor. Please consult with a medical professional to see if this is right for you. use this information at your own risk.